Moving Tips

Be prepared for your upcoming move.

21-14 Days Before Your Move

It may seem like an early start for packing, but consider all the things that you’ve accumulated over the years. Likewise, there is plenty you can do to prepare, less than a month away. Start throwing away things that are not crucial to you with that said. It includes things like old paint cans or even that broken lawnmower that just gathered dust in your garage. You also need to get a head start before assessing your move’s finances. Get an estimated value of all the possessions to be or are lacking ready for items to split.

14-8 Days Before Your Move

At this stage of moving, you should have some sense of urgency. Ideally, you’ve got everything out of the way we already listed! Check all the commitments that you have in your current city, and make sure to close them all properly before living. Your bills are yet another significant commitment to get rid of before you move! Call the internet company, call gas and electric to arrange a shut-off operation. We also suggest that you start thinking of packing up your more extensive devices, as they will be hardest and worst to withdraw from home.

Day Of Your Move

It’s time to move, and we think you can appreciate the best moving experience in California’s capital. You may be reading this while waiting to get your movers in. What else can you do to make everything perfect absolutely? Start by gathering keys and hand it to the property’s landlord/buyer.

Make sure that everything is off the table too. You don’t have to uninstall the beds as we’re happy to do that for you. Make sure that you hold the paperwork that we had you signed in an easily accessible location. It would also help if you were to contact us to make sure that the driver has the right address and the valid file date. Finally, do one final property walkthrough, and smile because there’s a new life that awaits you.

7-2 Days Before Your Move

You’re just around a week away from your next move. You might start to wonder at this point what you can do next. We suggest starting with flammables, basically because they are going to get in the way you have to dispose of them properly. Start packing up big pieces of furniture, Television equipment, silverware, packing suitcases with toiletries and carrying essential items you will need I day one of your new life. in your new life for day one.

The Day Before The Move

You should be ready with almost everything at this point. Start taking down the shower/curtain rods, start emptying your refrigerator, cleaning and unloading your stove, and packing the rest of your personal belongings except for whatever you use as an alarm clock. More significantly, don’t forget to have a good night’s rest; it could very well be a long road ahead.